Soil biodiversity and ecosystem function

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It has long been recognised that organisms living in the soil are important for making nitrogen available to plants and for storing carbon in the soil but a new paper in PNAS by de Vries et al…


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Comprehensive studies of soil, such as this one, are so labor and finance intensive that similar studies in developing countries may not be possible.  What are the next ‘best bet’ options?

In Sudan (el-Obeid area) we discovered local farmers identified a soil type that was not identified by researchers.  The farmer-identified soil type was linked to specific forms of cropping.  That, in itself, was reason enough to conduct our less intensive, but more farmer-centered study, of soils.

Similar findings here in Burundi, regarding micro-catchment soil types – identified by farmers – especially in wetland areas.

But the weakness of these studies relates to their less specific…

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