Where is the center of the universe?


Read the part about where in the beginning the universe was a single point. Mind boggling! If gravity is theoretical, what avenues of space-time have we overlooked that could suggest a constant metric exists in the universe of omnipresence? This may sound absurd but I think neutrinos are the blood or veins of the universe since they can pass through anything and have small mass.

What are quarks and is that somehow the frequency part in Tesla’s classic “energy, frequency and vibration” statement about the cosmos? Sentient beings, not plants and trees all must live and die together. Was there a separate Big Bang for sentience or the ephemeral that we couldn’t have seen or heard? Maybe this took place after the Big Bang, or before it. Maybe this is a good time for parts of science to replace the faith based reasoning for those that want new explanations.. I…

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