Maths and Extra Terrestrial Civilization


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I’ve found an interesting article from Robert Walkers which can be found here:

Modern maths has a “Heath Robinson” type approach – at least philosophically –  with its many sizes of infinity and logical paradoxes. Would this be the same for ETs? Also, what if they experience time and space differently from us? Perhaps they can only reason using flashes of insight?

Or, perhaps topology is easy, but counting, for them, is an advanced concept few understand? Or perhaps they use quantum logic or some other logic we haven’t thought of yet? Or, might they see everything as fractals?

With no experience of ET mathematicians, we haven’t got much to go on. But, let’s take a look at a few of the ways ET maths could take different approaches from ours, or be hard for us to understand.


This is an area of maths (use of sets…

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